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IRS & Tax Debt Relief

We have tax relief solutions for all types of IRS and tax debt issues.  We can help get the IRS off your back, protect your assets and potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Eliminate IRS & Tax Debt with Professional Help

DebtKO works with individuals, sole proprietors, partnerships and corporations across the USA to help them resolve their IRS and tax debt issues and liabilities. We are committed to helping you through a very complex process to not just become tax compliant, but debt free! Contact us for a FREE, no obligation consultation today with a trained client enrollment specialist. 

Tax Relief Services

We Can Help You With

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Unfiled Tax Returns

A very common but very serious offence in the eyes of the IRS, considered as tax evasion.

Wage Garnishment

If you've not paid your taxes then the IRS can garnish your wages to collect what they owe. 

IRS Debt Settlement

If you can't pay your tax debt, you may qualify to settle for less than what you owe.

Tax Liens

If you've not paid your tax debt, then the IRS can place a lien or bank levy on your assets.

Penalty Abatement

If you've accrued fines, there may be potential to reduce the penalties you owe the IRS.

Business Tax

Payroll tax debt is a common issue which we can help you with.

Eliminate Tax Debt with Professional Help

Customer Testimonials

"After a few weeks I knew exactly what I owed the IRS. I can now sleep better knowing I'm doing the right thing. Thank you!"

— Brenda W, CA 2019

Simple, transparent tax debt resolution program

Fast and effective IRS tax relief help. We help you get clarity on your Tax & Debt Status. 

3 Steps to Success

Step 1

Free Consultation

To establish your situation and to be able to explain what your options are, we offer a FREE, no obligation consultation. 

Step 2


In order to establish your exact tax debt situation, our tax pros will file Power of Attorney and order your master tax file. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, a resolution plan will be discussed with you.  

Step 3


Your designated Enrolled Agent will negotiate to settle your tax debt for as low as the law allows, establish compliance and set up a payment program for what you can afford. 

Simple, transparent tax debt resolution program

Fast and effective IRS tax relief help. We help you get clarity on your Tax & Debt Status. 

Why use DebtKO for IRS & Tax Debt Relief?

Experienced Professionals

When you sign up for the Phase 1 investigation stage with DebtKO, you benefit by having a DebtKO team member, a specialist tax account manager AND a Licensed Enrolled Agent looking after you and your case. A Licensed Enrolled Agent is authorized by the IRS to represent you during your negotiation once you have signed a Power of Attorney document. 

Transparent Pricing

IRS & Tax Debt Services require a licensed professional to work on your behalf. To do this, we need to charge a fee for the investigation phase. This is normally around $600 but varies slightly if you have federal & state debts. For the resolution phase, the final price is only determined until investigation is completed and your precise IRS status has been discovered.

Superior Customer Service

Our team of trained professionals will always put your needs first. Our ultimate goal is to make sure you don't suffer from dealing with the IRS and their strong-arm tactics. If you go it alone you are likely to spend a very long time on the phone and not really knowing how to handle the process to negotiate. By letting DebtKO handle the problem, you will save alot of time and frustration. 

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