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Debt Settlement Calculator

Understanding the numbers makes all the difference to knowing what debt solution will work best for you. Our debt calculators will only give approximate numbers and one of our friendly debt consultants will be able to give you more accurate figures. 

Understanding the numbers

A debt settlement is a negotiated agreement where a lender agrees to accept a lower amount from the borrower for payment to settle the debt (including fees and interest). This debt settlement calculator assumes that a debt is settled for 50% of the original debt amount and a fee to the debt settlement company is approximately 25% once the debt is settled. This fee structure is fairly standard across the industry and is known as pay-per-performance. It's worth noting that no reputable debt relief company takes a fee for settling debts up-front. 

For a personalized debt relief quote you can click here and one of our team will arrange a time to discuss your situation.

All initial consultations are free and unlike most companies out there, we can help with both tax debts and unsecured debts. 

Debt Relief Programs 
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