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Debt Relief

We have debt relief solutions for credit cards, personal loans, medical debts and other unsecured debts.

Eliminate Your Debts with Professional Help

Whether you've recently gone through a financial hardship or just find yourself in a position where it's becoming difficult to keep making on-time payments to all your creditors - we're here to help. 


Contact us for a FREE, no obligation consultation today with a trained client enrollment specialist. Telephone 1-833-433-2856 

Debt Relief Services

Use as a general guide - each creditor has different rules.

Debts We Can Help You Settle

Credit Card Debts

Private Student Loans

Medical Debts

Cell Phone Bills

Unsecured Loans

Vehicle Repossessions

End Sleepless Nights with DebtKO Debt Relief

Customer Testimonials

"I had far too much credit card debt and was missing my payments. I am now on a payment plan and will be debt free much faster. Thank you so much!"

— Mrs J, TX 2019

Simple, transparent debt relief programs

Effective debt relief programs to get you out of debt as fast as we can! 

The Debt Relief Process

Step 1

Phone Up

During your free consultation, your circumstances will be discussed and your consultant will tell you which program your financial situation might may qualify for.  Debt relief is restricted to people in genuine financial hardship so evidence of this is required to proceed. We offer different debt reduction solutions if a debt relief program does not suit your circumstances.

Step 2

Sign Up

To sign up for a debt relief program, your financial details are analyzed and your debt consultant will tell you how much you can save and how long it will take you to become debt free if you sign up to a program. Normally programs are no longer than 48 months. A debt consultant will discuss this over the telephone with you and you can ask the questions you need.

Step 3

Save Up

Once accepted to a program, you will be given a new amount to save into a third-party administered savings account. You need to commit to saving this amount in your new account each month to ensure your debts can be settled. Failure to make payments will result in failure to settle debts so it's very important you can afford to make these new payments.

Step 4

Settle Up

Now that you have saved enough money in your new account, the next step is to
settle your debts with your creditors. Expert negotiators will do this on your behalf in order to get you the best deal
possible. One by one your debts are settled until eventually you are debt free.

Your Needs Come First

As a DebtKO customer, we will always put your needs first. We want to offer you the best debt relief solution which gets you out of debt with the best deal possible.

Debt Settlement vs Debt Consolidation

program debt program comparison

Be Debt Free in 12-48 months

If you qualify for a program, you could be debt free faster and pay back less than what you currently owe.

Acceptable Debt for Debt Relief

Below you'll find a slightly more detailed list of what can be accepted into a debt relief program. However, do note that all creditors have different rules and your personal circumstances determine your eligibility for a debt relief program.

Contact us for a FREE, no obligation consultation today with a trained client enrollment specialist. Telephone 1-833-433-2856 

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