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We help you to reduce your debt

Market leading debt relief solutions

DebtKO is a premier provider of debt relief and debt reduction services across multiple industries and market segments. We provide best-in-class programs and services to help our clients get out of debt quickly. All of our team members are committed to providing the highest level of customer care and satisfaction across our organization.  Our mission is to help individuals and small business owners that are facing true financial hardships get out of debt, regain control of their finances and get back on the road to financial prosperity starting today. 


From our performance-based fee structure when dealing with unsecured consumer debt to our industry leading service area in IRS and tax debt, all aspects of our programs are designed with overall customer success in mind.  Our programs are tailored to the unique financial situation of each client and are continuously evaluated for quality and performance improvement.

We hold ourselves and our level of service, to a high standard of excellence and will not rest until our clients are debt free. 


IRS & Tax Debt

 Fast and effective IRS & Tax Debt relief. Get clarity on your IRS Tax & Debt status now.

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Student Loans

Student loan debt can be crippling for both the young and the old. Find out how we can help you escape this burden.


Debt Relief

If you have too much debt on credit cards, loans or medical debts you could become debt free in 18-48 months.

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Corporate Debt

Taking on debts to launch or expand a business is normal but when business debts spiral out control, your business is at risk.

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Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is a great way to reduce the interest you are paying and become debt free faster. 

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Legal Protection

An additional product suite to protect you from certain types of legal action during debt reduction programs.

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